Teleroboxer (aka: Teleroboxing, Tolero Boxer)



It is the 22nd century, a time when a technology called telrobotics is commonly used. This area of study was developed to enable a robot to mirror the body movements of the human in control of it. The use of Telerobotics enable robots to work under conditions unbearable to humans. As the technology matured, increasingly specialized robots were created. To increase people's interest in telerobotics, the pre-eminent scientist in the field, Dr. Edward Maki Jr., developed teleroboxing -- a boxing match between robots that are remotely controlled by human players. The players called themselves teleroboxers.


Teleroboxing achieved world-wide popularity immediately. Teleroboxers entered their robots in matches all over the globe, and each claimed to be the best.

Finally, a Teleroboxing Tournament was organized to determine the true world champion among the best teleroboxers. You will compete as one of the teleroboxers in this world championship and fight your way to the top.

Released in the USA under the name Teleroboxer, developed by Nintendo and brought out 14 August 1995, serial#: VUE-VTBJ-USA, genre: sport (boxing), game saves scores;

Also released in JPN under the name Teleroboxer, developed by Nintendo and brought out 21 July 1995, original price: 4900 Yen, serial#: VUE-VTBJ-JPN, genre: sport (boxing), game saves scores.
Language accessibility: Perfect, everything is in English, just the same as the American version (binary equivalent of US version).

Intro: (intro music)

Your foes:



*Ready for round two? Let's get ready to RUUUUUUMBLEEEE!

*3.. 2... 1....

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The secret endboss feline catfighter unveiled:

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