3D Nintendo Virtual Boy (logo) Lighting Sign:

This is the same light that's on the Store Displays, but it has extra hooks to hang it at the ceiling, it's red light looks 3D because of the infinity-mirror technique that emphasizes the virtual boy's 3-D quality, basically a lighted hanging sign.

Nintendo Virtual Boy electric promo sign, unplugged the face of the sign displays a red reflective mirror. When plugged in the sign reads "Virtual Boy" In 3-D image. This is a promo sign that was hung for display in video game stores. Designed to either hang by two ring brackets or sit out for display. Measures 16 1/4 inches long by 6 1/4 inches tall. The inside lightbulbs are replaceable with instructions for such on the back.

A light up sign from Nintendo for the Virtual Boy. It is about 6, tall about 16, long and about 4 deep. I assume this was a store display , has two holes that a rope can be tied to for hanging.



Nintendo of America serialnumber:
NOA P/N 32192